We’re hitting peak Summer and we’re coming to you with some ideas on how best to pair the goods from your weekly THC delivery with safe outdoor activities in and around different cities in Canada.

Today we’re covering 5 of the best outdoor activities in the GTA and a friendly reminder that you can order weed online or your favourite edibles through Chronic Haze online dispensary for same day delivery or curbside pickup.

A friendly disclaimer to please enjoy your cannabis and these activities responsibly.  

Take a Hike

High Park is probably best known for its collection of beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms but it’s also filled with some lesser known, but just as beautiful natural wonders. There’s the Eastern Ravine which occupies the eastern half of the park along a small creek and several ponds. There’s also the Central Plain and Savannah which is a stretch of open habitat that’s home to towering black oak trees, with many being over 150 years old. And lastly, there are the High Park area trails which is a 5.1 km loop trail which scenic views of a lake that’s accommodating for all skill levels.

Shop Local

Kensington Market is known for its vibrant and diverse history. From vintage clothing stores to specialty book shops, to The Toronto School of Burlesque to Seven Lives – home of the best tacos in all of Ontario. Kensington Market is a pulsing hub of culture and community and there’s nothing else like it. Spend an afternoon perusing the art, chatting with the friendly shop keepers or sampling all the amazing food this small part of Toronto has to offer.

Sweat it Out

Looking for something a little more active? How about the Toronto Island Disc Golf Course? What exactly is disc golf you ask? It’s a flying disc sport in which a concave, plastic disc is thrown into a series of metal baskets placed throughout an outdoor course – the goal of the game is to finish the course using the fewest possible throws. The Toronto Island Disc Golf Course has been around for 41 years with 18 holes that are open year-round.

For the Green Thumbs

The Toronto Botanical Garden is a beloved Toronto treasure that spans nearly four acres and has been designed to educate and inspire Torontonians about the world of plants and the importance they play in the health of ecosystems and life on Earth. Known for their themed gardens and array of educational programs for all ages, the TBG is a must visit, whether you’re under the influence of our favourite plant or not.

For the Cinephile

If you’re looking for a hit of nostalgia, look no further than the 5 Drive In. On Thursday’s, instead of paying per person, you pay per car which is the perfect deal to catch a double feature of the latest films you’ve been dying to see. The best part, the concession stands. They’re a lot retro, the floors are sticky, they sell Icee’s AND even the air tastes like the butter they pump into the always fresh popcorn. It’s always an overall, wholesome good time.

Same Day Weed Delivery, curbside pickup and Weed Delivery Canada Wide

You may be wondering, “Is there a Dispensary near me?” Of course there is! Chronic Haze offers same day weed delivery and curbside pickup in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke and Milton. Looking to buy but no within our local zones? We offer delivery Canada-wide and just remember to enjoy responsibly! 

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