By now you’re a pro on how to buy weed online but maybe now you’re curious about cannabis culture as a whole and you’re looking for some perspective. In our constant pursuit of higher learning, today we’re exploring some of the top cannabis centric podcasts. For optimum listening pleasure we recommend you stock up on your Chronic Haze favourites for same day weed delivery and get to learning.

Chronic Haze presents you the podcasts to start tuning in on!

The podcast: Wine & Weed

Hosted by: Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher

Premise: Each week Steelo and Chris unpack what’s going on in the world and cover everything from the recent US election, to Asian American Hate to that little interview with Oprah, Megs and Harry – and do it over a bottle of wine and some weed.

What we like about it: It’s a little bit chaotic at times and the intros will have you thinking you started the podcast halfway through but Steelo and Chris have a great chemistry and it’s like being part of a one-way conversation with friends.

Try listening to: Lady Gaga’s Dogs, Your Boyfriend’s Girl Friends & Asian American Hate with Kim Lee – for an interesting case on why as a parent having an Only Fans account shouldn’t get your kids kicked out of school.

The podcast: Let’s Be Blunt

Hosted by: (the) Montel Williams

Premise: The former daytime show fixture dissects cannabis and cannabis culture as it relates to activism, health, wellness and new innovations and research in the cannabis space.

What we like about it: Although the quality isn’t always the greatest, themes and topics run the gamut from how to get a better night’s sleep, to sports and chronic pain management, to pediatric care and cannabis. Let’s Be Blunt has a mixed format of solo episodes with Montel, bite sized “Montel Moments” of reflection and guest episodes with interesting experts in various fields.

Try listening to:  Dr. Sanjay Gupta – History of Cannabis Prohibition, Medical Community & Cannabis, CBD legislation.

The podcast: Weed + Grub

Hosted by: Mike Glazer and Mary Jane (yes, that’s her actual name) Gibson

Premise: Each week Mike and Mary really just shoot the shit giving their thoughts on food, cannabis, world news, culture and comedy.

What we like about it: Mike is an Emmy-nominated comedian and Mary Jane spent about a decade writing for High Times so the content is funny (albeit a little random) but really informed. The perspectives are fresh, and the duo’s chemistry is great.

Try listening to: Tuck your Pickle in a Meat Mattress – this one covers the always controversial sandwich construction.

The podcast: Great Moments in Weed History

Hosted by: Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock

Premise: The angle is pretty straightforward here with Abdullah and David digging deep into the historical importance and influence of marijuana on humanity. 

What we like about it: The historical moments examined cover things like Barack Obama’s Weed Years to How Amsterdam Became an International Weed Haven and at its core each episode is really educational and funny. Who wouldn’t benefit from a learn and a laugh?

Try listening to: Cheech and Chong Go up in Smoke – which covers the origin story of the original poster boys of cannabis.

The podcast: Periodic Effects Cannabis Business Science

Hosted by: Wayne Schwind

Premise: Periodic Effects gives an in depth and insider look at the latest studies on cannabis science research.

What we like about it: PE does a really good job of examining the business and science side of the cannabis industry and makes it palatable for anyone who simply wants to get a sense of the where, how and why of cannabis culture.

Try listening to: The Last Mile, Cannabis for Opioid Use Disorder – for a really good take on how cannabis can be used to help treat opioid addiction.

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