Can cannabis help prevent COVID-19?


It’s no surprise that cannabis use saw a sharp increase during the lockdowns. With fear of contracting the illness mixed with the existential boredom of being locked inside, cannabis was a crutch for a lot of people.


But it is possible it was helping them avoid the illness?


Some interesting studies have surfaced about the effects of cannabis on COVID-19. You’ve probably heard a little about these before, but today Chronic Haze wants to bring you the full story. Does using cannabis help your body fight against COVID-19?


Note: The following information is intended for educational purposes. If you or someone you know has contracted COVID-19, make sure to practice physical distancing and talk to a trusted healthcare professional.


Cannabis vs. COVID



Recent studies from Oregon State University have suggested that certain cannabinoids have the ability to reduce the impact of COVID-19. Specifically, CBDA and CBGA (and to a lesser extent THCA) have been found to “gum up the works” of the COVID virus before it can infect your body’s cells.


Like other coronaviruses, COVID-19 relies on its spike proteins to get inside cells and begin its attack. However, these cannabinoids form a sticky substance that binds to these spike proteins, effectively blocking the virus’s entry into your cells.


These cannabinoids are produced by cannabis plants as carboxylic acids. If you’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher: cannabinoids require decarboxylation in order for you to feel their effects. This usually comes through being heated up. When you light and smoke a joint, the heat of the flame converts these cannabinoids into THC, CBD, and CBG respectively.


It should be noted that the cannabinoids that showed the greatest indications of use were all non-psychoactive. This was mainly due to there being federal restrictions on the study of THC and other similar cannabinoids. However, the researchers have stated that there is potential for use in other cannabinoids as well, particularly CBD.


As a result of these studies, researchers are exploring the use of hemp as a potential treatment for COVID. The combination of vaccines with CBDA/CBGA is said to make for a “much more challenging” environment for the virus.


So Using Cannabis Will Protect Me From COVID?



It’s important to remember that COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. If an illness is causing you to cough or experience trouble breathing, smoking flower or hitting a dab probably isn’t your best bet.


However, other products, particularly CBD products, can work well alongside vaccines and other treatments. Edibles are also a strong contender here, as they don’t rely on the intake of smoke into your lungs.


Furthermore, the psychoactive cannabinoids you’re familiar with weren’t necessarily the strongest against COVID. They may provide some help, but it was the carboxylic acids found in raw cannabis that showed the strongest signs of use.


It’s also important to remember that cannabis isn’t a definite cure for COVID or any other illnesses. Protecting yourself from infectious diseases is best achieved through vaccination and other proven medical practices. Cannabis can help, but it’s no substitute.


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Also, did you know cannabis can have a positive effect on cancer treatment? Check out this blog post to learn more about it!



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