Blunts: they’re one of the many ways to consume cannabis. They’re like the more decadent version of a joint. There’s nothing like a nicely-rolled blunt.


But as it stands, there are those who don’t even know what a blunt is. The fact that products that aren’t blunts are marketed as being so just adds to the confusion.


Today we’ll give you a crash course on blunts, and we’ll also give you a brief explanation on how to roll them. Ready? Let’s get started.


What are Blunts?



Blunts are hollowed-out cigars or cigarillos filled with cannabis. Usually, they involve the roller emptying the cigar of its contents (shredded tobacco), and then rolling it full of cannabis. They tend to be difficult for newbies to roll.


While you can roll a blunt with most inexpensive cigar types, there are a number of name-brand blunts made for cannabis users, like Swisher Sweets. However, the most famous and popular blunts come from Backwoods. They come in a wide variety of interesting flavours, and they’ve got a decent amount of structural integrity.


Why Do People Smoke Blunts?



There are a number of factors that add to the appeal of blunts. First, they have the potential to be rolled quite large. Some people will add a whole eighth of cannabis to a blunt. For this reason, they tend to be shared and smoked at gatherings.


Second, unlike rolling papers or other similar products, blunts are made out of actual tobacco leaves. This means that they contain nicotine, which synergizes with cannabis and gives users that signature head rush. This is typically what blunt smokers are looking for in their sesh.


There are a few things to remember before smoking a blunt. First off, blunts make you cough. Probably a lot, especially if you don’t smoke them often. The presence of the tobacco leaf adds to the heaviness of the smoke.


Second, as we’ve stated, blunts are made of tobacco. Tobacco use can come with certain detriments. While it’s unlikely that smoking an occasional blunt will get you addicted to ‘em, it’s still something to remember. If you’re someone that usually dodges tobacco, blunts might not be for you.


Contrary to popular belief, hemp wraps are NOT blunts. Blunts are tobacco cigars. Hemp wraps are kind of their own thing. They’re typically used by those who prefer not to smoke tobacco.


How to Roll a Blunt



As stated earlier, blunts can be difficult to roll the first time. Fortunately for you, we’re gonna teach you how to roll them today.


Rolling a blunt is like rolling a joint, except you’re substituting the paper for a cigar wrap. Once you’ve got a blunt and some cannabis ready, follow the steps below to get started on your sesh.


Step 1: Grind the Cannabis


Pretty self-explanatory. Prep your grinder with some bud, and grind away. Unless you’re rolling a half-blunt or something, you’re probably gonna need more weed than usual; to fill the blunt. So grind whatever you think you’ll need to fill it up.


Step 2: Empty the Cigar


Now we’re gonna empty out all the tobacco from the blunt. If you’re using a more traditional cigar type, use a razor blade or knife to carefully cut it open and take the contents out. If you’re using something like a Backwoods, simply unravel it and take the tobacco out. You can save this for later smoking if you’re about that. If not, simply throw it in the compost.


You’ll wanna be careful during this part; make sure not to tear the wrap or damage it in any way. Any casualties can result in smoke leaks that compromise the quality of your sesh. If you’re using a Backwoods, you might wanna remove any stems that’ll make it hard to roll or keep intact.


Step 3: Moisten the Wrap


This next part is vital: the blunt needs to be moist enough to roll. Without moisture, your blunt won’t stay together, and you’ll just be left with a flimsy leaf with some cannabis inside. It shouldn’t be soaking wet. Rather, you want it to be moist enough to be malleable.


So how do we moisten the leaf? Well, if you’ve got a faucet nearby, simply wet your fingers and dab the leaf. If not, you can do it the old-fashioned way: use your saliva. You’ll quickly see that blunts require WAY more saliva than a joint. The mysteries of the universe tend to be way darker than you’d expect.


Step 4: Roll the Ting


Now, we roll the blunt. Just like you would with a joint, put your ground flower inside and shape the blunt. Once it’s got good form, start rolling. Continue to apply moisture as needed (you’re gonna need it). Traditionally, blunts don’t have filters. But don’t let that stop you. Throw one in if you need it.


Step 5: Finish it Off


Once you’ve rolled your blunt nice and tight, use your pokey to stamp the top down, and twist the tip if you like. The finished product should be firm and rigid, not soft and flimsy. The blunt should also be tightly put-together, without any leaks or unraveling bits.


All Done!


And, there you have it! You’ve just rolled yourself a blunt! We know: no one’s ever prepared to explain just how much saliva goes into rolling a blunt. But now you know. And now you can roll a blunt yourself, which is a pretty big deal in the world of cannabis.


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