Cannabis legalization in Canada has brought a lot of changes along with it. But how exactly have things changed?


On October 17, 2018, cannabis was finally legalized in Canada. Since then, cannabis culture has been largely destigmatized and become part of everyday life in the nation. With all the changes that have come, it can be easy to forget just how difficult it was to be a cannabis user pre-legalization. Ask anyone that was smoking cannabis before it was legal and they’ll tell you about the many hoops people had to jump through just to get some mid-grade bud.


Today, Chronic Haze takes a walk down memory lane and recounts the most substantial ways that cannabis legalization in Canada changed things for cannabis users. If you started smoking after legalization, this blog post will give you a taste of what the struggle was like.


Getting Your Bud



One major change for cannabis users was where they were getting their bud. Back in the day, the only way to get your stuff was from your friendly neighbourhood pot dealer. You never knew what you were gonna get with these guys. You could be picking up some weak-ass shwag, or the most potent bud known to humankind. You might be dealing with a chill guy, or someone with an off-the-charts sketchiness level. And don’t get me started on how long they would take to show up; the rule of thumb was to take the amount of time he said he’d take, and double it.


And the first few dispensaries that opened up? Well, it might not be there the next day. Dispensaries started opening in Toronto even before legalization, so while you might find a reliable place to get your cannabis, there was no guarantee that it would have any staying power.


These days, acquiring cannabis is easier than ever. New dispensaries open up so fast, it’s hard not to find them. And now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get some bud, as dispensaries like ours will bring your order straight to your door. All in all, cannabis legalization in Canada made things way more convenient than they were.


Being Discreet



It’s crazy how easy it is now to carry your products out in the open without fear of getting arrested. Before legalization, you hid your stuff like you were on a stealth mission. It was commonplace to roll your joints in bathroom stalls where no one could see you. And every stoner kept a smell-proof bag or two on them, as well as your grinder, papes, and whatever else you needed to manifest a joint.


When it came to actually smoking the joint, that was reserved for deep in the woods, behind buildings, and in dark alleys. Simply put, you did not want to get caught by the cops and get hit with a possession charge for a couple grams. And even being seen by non-users felt a little icky. There was this element of…shame.


Compare that to now, and things have changed immensely. While places like Mississauga and Markham will still hit you with a charge for using cannabis in public, cities like Toronto allow you to smoke up anywhere one would normally smoke a cigarette. And if anyone sees you and turns their nose up at you, well, now you can just tell them to get lost. What you’re doing is perfectly legal; who cares if someone else sees?


Range of Products



I know I’m continuing to date myself here, but back in the day, all you really had access to was dried flower. That’s it. If you wanted edibles, you had to go pick up more than you’d usually grab, and make them yourself. And that usually meant making some obscenely strong brownies that would send you straight to Jupiter. Even concentrates were harder to come by; I don’t think I saw my first vape pen until 2015, and dab rigs weren’t super common. Unless you were at some sort of convention where people sold edibles and dabs, you weren’t gonna come across these methods often.


Now, there are more options that one would know what to do with. There’s still flower, and even that’s gone up significantly in quality. Edibles are easily obtained in a variety of types, from chocolate to gummies to THC-infused drinks. And cartridges are more popular than ever. I daresay they even more popular with newcomers than actual flower.


The explosion of cannabis products was definitely one of the biggest game-changers of legalization. Nowadays, it makes no sense to only use flower when there’s a whole slew of amazing ways to get high. Legalization has definitely made the industry a whole lot bigger and introduced more innovative products.


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By the way, did you know there are ways to be more eco-friendly as a stoner? Check out this blog post to learn more!

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