If you know you’re gonna be in an awkward social situation, getting high might be your best way to deal with it.


The holidays are coming up, and the gatherings are starting in full force. It’s the time of year when you’re surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.


But you can’t like everyone. Gatherings also mean potential unwanted encounters with unsavory folks. Maybe it’s that relative you always argue with. Maybe it’s that in-law who talks your ear off. Or maybe it’s that friend of a friend you just don’t get along with.


Here at Chronic Haze, we always advise taking the high road and keeping the vibes good. But you’ve got to protect your energy too.


Many people might think getting high will only add to the awkwardness, but they’re just doing it wrong. Not only will being high make it bearable, but it’ll keep you mellowed out and unfazed by any social situation. Here’s how to best apply the method:


Smoking Flower a Few Hours Before


This is my preferred way to prepare myself. I like to smoke approximately three hours before an event. This way, I’m just mildly elevated upon arrival.


This method is usually applied earlier in the day, meaning you’re likely to feel your product in full force. The terpenes of the flower allow you to get in your zone more than you’d get with pure THC extracts. Extracts are great, but sometimes it’s not just about getting high. Sometimes it’s about fully relaxing and resetting your ego before expending your energy.


By getting your fix before the event, you’ll be at a perfect level. Not too high, sober, or burnt out. This relaxed state serves as a good foundation on which to socialize. You’ll be cognizant yet immune to any dirty looks thrown your way, and unbothered by anything negative you might hear.


If this is your course of action, might I suggest an indica-dominant strain? While sativas are usually touted for their mental effects, the strong relaxing effects of an indica will get you fully decompressed before your big night. Indicas are typically recommended for anxiety relief, after all. I recently smoked some Watermelon Zkittles before a potentially uncomfortable gathering and it definitely did the trick.


Bringing a Cartridge With You


This method is more reliable, especially if you prefer extracts. In fact, I forgot my pen at my most recent gathering and it seriously offset my battle plan for the night.


While flower offers a more fulfilling experience, carts are super discreet in both practice and effect. You can run to the bathroom and take a quick hit, and no one will notice! Also, if you happened to undershoot it with your flower dose, you can use your cart to equalize your high.


With a cart, you can really play it by ear. You can come in sober and feel out the vibes, and reach for your pen only after that uncomfortable encounter with your weird uncle. Or, if you already know you’re gonna get heated, hit it low and slow all night. Though they’re not terpene-rich like their flower brethren, carts are king when it comes to controlling your high.


Now, conversely to the flower situation, here I’m going to suggest using a sativa cart. You’re already here, so there’s no sense in going comatose. A sativa cart will keep you sharp and alert as you mingle with the crowd. There are definitely a lot of carts you could go with here, but if you want to make sure you’ll be good all night, consider a Sauce cart by High Voltage. Their carts use high-quality live resin, mimicking the taste profiles you’d get with flower.


Low-Dose With Edibles the Whole Time


Okay, I only tried this method once, but I definitely know people who do it all the time. Edibles tend to hit me pretty quickly, so they’re not my first course of action. But if you’re comfortable with them, or just low on other products, edibles are a fine way of staying a little high all night long.



Remember, the THC in edible cannabis takes longer for your body to absorb. This means it’ll last in your system for a lot longer. You can use this to your advantage by starting with a super low dose. As time goes on, you can continue dosing to keep yourself at a functional level. Best of all, you’ll at least be a little high the entire time, keeping your mind free from annoyance and worry.


You could apply this method using something like the 100mg Buudabombs. Each piece would only be 10mg, allowing you to coast through the entire experience on a mild high. With each hour, you could dose with another gummy until you reach your limit. Just be careful if you’re drinking.



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