You wanna know what’s one of the worst things that can happen to a cannabis user? Getting a clogged vape cartridge!


Picture this: it’s been a long day of work. You’ve been putting off taking that toke so you can get stuff done. After hours of slaving away, you reach for that new vape pen cartridge you bought from Chronic Haze. Finally, you get to take that toke you’ve been waiting for.


But instead of a smooth hit, you’re hit with…nothing at all. There’s no airflow in your cartridge! What’s going on here?


Today, Chronic Haze is here with a fix for an increasingly common problem: how to deal with a clogged vape cartridge. If you’ve been having this problem, read on!


Why Does My Cart Clog Up?



The main reason your pen might clog up is due to the shatter residue solidifying by the airway. This usually results from using it to begin with.


When you first start hitting a new cartridge, you’ll probably notice little to no issue with the airflow. Since it hasn’t been used yet, there’s nothing obstructing the airway. But over time, as you continue taking hits, all that shatter vapour starts to build up. Any leftover vapour from a hit will gather at the bottom of the mouthpiece, solidifying into its usual hard-yet-gooey state.


Since this solidification takes place far from the atomizer, it’s difficult to deal with, even when you press the button on the thread. You might even end up wasting a bunch of concentrate when you press the button again and again, only to get no vapour.


Sometimes it’s not even because you took a few hits. Oftentimes, if your pen has been in a cold environment, the concentrate inside will harden and become near impossible to toke. This makes using a cartridge insanely difficult in the wintertime.

How to Unclog Your Cart



So how do you deal with it? Fortunately, we’ve got a few methods for you to try. Since this is a common issue, it’s unlikely that your product is defective. One of these methods is sure to unclog your cartridge.


Method #1: S U C C


Yeah, that’s right. Just suck as hard as you can. That concentrate may have become real hard when it solidified, but it’s no match for the strength of the human lungs. Purse your lips and pull from that thing like a straw full of milkshake. Just don’t tense up too much for too long. Cartridges can get really clogged, and the longer you suck, the more you’re engaging muscles in your neck. Take some breaks in between.


Method #2: Use a Thin Object


Very carefully, use a thin but sturdy object, like a paperclip. Push it into the mouthpiece of your cart, and swivel it around adequately. After, slowly pull it out. It’ll likely have some gooey stuff on the end of it, so just wipe it off on a tissue. Or, if you’re feeling really frugal, throw that stuff into a dab rig. Uh, but it wasn’t our idea.


Also, we emphasize being careful with this method. Don’t jam the object into your pen and move it around too forcefully. It’d be a shame to mess up your product.


Method #3: Apply Heat


This method is best if your cart has just been in a cold environment, but it should still work in other circumstances as well. Some users just use the heat of the pen’s atomizer, but sometimes this doesn’t work. What you can try is putting your device in a ziploc bag, and throwing the bag into some warm water. It shouldn’t take too long for the concentrate to loosen up. Hair dryers also work well in this regard. Just anything that generates a safe amount of heat.


Wanna Learn More?


Whatever you’re looking for, we have it at the Chronic Haze online store! We’ve got tons of cannabis, vapes, edibles, and everything your heart desires. We also do same-day delivery and curbside pickup to get you your products faster.


Not within our main delivery zones? We do nationwide delivery all across Canada! If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and visit our store today!


Also, have you ever had problems with your CBD cartridges crystallizing? Don’t fret! Read this blog post to find out more about what to do!

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