Planning a trip soon? Might want to consider which countries have strict cannabis laws before copping that plane ticket.


Living in Canada, it’s easy to take for granted how good we have it. Cannabis legalization has made it incredibly easy to be a user of the herb. And even before legalization, things were still comparatively easier than in other countries.


While cannabis has lost some of its stigma in places where it’s legal, it’s easy to forget that things are incredibly different around the globe. Some countries still treat cannabis like a dangerous drug, or have cultural views that oppose its use. And if you’re travelling soon, you might want to think about which places probably won’t have a dispensary.


Today, we’re bringing you a list of five countries with the strictest cannabis laws. There are plenty more than that, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top places where you definitely do not want to get caught with it.


The Philippines



As you might already know, the Philippines doesn’t take too kindly to cannabis in any form. Former president Duterte made clear his feelings about cannabis and other drugs, calling for a “war on drugs”. As a result, cannabis laws in the Philippines are some of the most unforgiving.


If you get caught with even as little as 5g of cannabis in the Philippines, you’re looking at huge fines and the potential for years of prison time. Fortunately, medical cannabis is beginning to see implementation in the Philippines. But you definitely don’t want to be caught buying a gram there.





While it’s also beginning to see medical and research uses, recreational cannabis remains illegal in Turkey. Turkish drug laws are strict, with almost every drug being illegal. Possession alone can land you 1-2 years in prison, with 5-10 for growers and traffickers.


There is hope, though. Along with its previously mentioned uses, Turkish president Erdoğan has been pushing for the cultivation of hemp. With cannabis being used for a variety of purposes, it’s possible that public perception around it can change.





As we stated in a previous blog post, Japan is hard on cannabis. Possession can land you a fine as well as 5 years in prison. That goes up to 7-10 for those involved in manufacturing.


However, Japanese cannabis activists have voiced their plight. As a result, CBD has seen increasing use in Japan. The Japanese CBD industry is expected to be worth over $200 million by 2025. Here’s hoping Japan does embrace the benefits of CBD. But until then, don’t get caught with cannabis in Japan.





Indonesia is definitely not the place to be seen using cannabis. Cannabis possession and use is punishable with up to 12 years in prison, and a maximum of up to $563,000 in fines. Even visitors can face up to 4 years for usage.


Under Indonesian law, cannabis is a type-1 drug, along with cocaine, heroin, and meth. This changed in 2019 when the UN sought for medical cannabis to be removed from the list of dangerous drugs, meaning the country might start seeing it used in research.


United Arab Emirates



The UAE is one of the top countries where you DO NOT want to get caught with cannabis. Possession can get you a minimum of 4 years in prison plus fines, with 10-15 years, fines, and a possible death penalty for trafficking.


The Anti-Narcotic Psychotropic Substances Act has made clear that cannabis in any form is not to be present in the UAE. Airports are incredibly keen on finding it, conducting random drug tests on visitors. Finding even trace amounts can get you in a heap of trouble. You definitely do not want to be arrested for possession here, so don’t take the risk.


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By the way, we’ve also got a blog post on the countries that have legalized cannabis! Check it out here!

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