Do you know the 5 countries with the best cannabis?


Cannabis is taking the world by storm. With the proliferation of industries in countries all around the world, it’s becoming easier to find high-quality bud on your travels. But that then begs the question: which countries have the best cannabis?


You’ll soon find out that some countries definitely have better bud than others. Some have been in the game for a long time, while others have experienced huge improvements due to the boom in the cannabis industry. Today, Chronic Haze is bringing you five countries with some of the best weed in the world. Keep these in mind before your next vacation!





With so many strains with “Afghan” in the name, it’s no surprise that Afghanistan makes this list. In fact, Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range is the namesake behind the strain of the same name, as well as others in the Kush family. Things are no different when it comes to concentrates, as Afghani hash is among the best in the world as well. With such an avid history in cannabis, Afghanistan inarguably has some of the best bud in the world.





While not exactly legal, Australia has some of the most prevalent cannabis use in the world. The Australian climate and topography tend to contribute to ease of growth, allowing certain strains to grow to lengths of 18 feet. It’s due to these factors that cannabis culture is booming in Australia, making it pretty easy to find the good stuff. One particularly common strain found in Australia is Jack Herer, an old favourite that is one of the parent strains of Turbo Lemon Cake.





What, are you surprised to see this one here? Make no mistake, Jamaica has some of the best cannabis in the world. This is in no small part due to reggae artists like Bob Marley, as well as the Rastafari faith. As a result, Jamaica has long been a hotspot for cannabis tourism. The nation has also made significant contributions to cannabis cultivation, with strains such as Lamb’s Bread, a parent strain of Black Tuna.





Another unsurprising entry on this list, there is great cannabis to be found in the Netherlands. Amsterdam has long been a bucket list location for cannabis enthusiasts, and for good reason too. Strains such as Super Lemon Haze and Green Crack (a parent strain of Godzilla) are known to have originated from the Netherlands, as well as many others. On top of that, psilocybin mushrooms are also pretty big in the Netherlands. These traits make the nation a great place to find decent cannabis and experience a lifestyle quite different from the one you’re used to.





If you were ever concerned that you couldn’t find good weed in your own neighbourhood, have no fear. Canada has some of the best cannabis in the world, with strains such as MK Ultra, BC Hydro, and Pink Kush being particularly prevalent ones here. And as I’m sure you already know, cannabis culture is massive in Canada. It’s easier than ever to find places that sell great weed (like, say, an Ontario-based dispensary with same-day delivery and curbside pickup options).


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Also, since we’re on the topic of other countries, did you know there are some countries where you do NOT want to be caught with cannabis? We explain more in this blog post right here!

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