Bongs vs. bubblers: do you know the difference?


As you probably already know, there are many different ways to consume cannabis. With so many ways to get high, some methods are bound to be similar to one another. One common misconception is that a bubbler is a bong. While these two methods are incredibly similar, they are actually quite different in substantial ways.


Today, Chronic Haze is here to clarify things so you know the difference between bongs and bubblers. We’ll give you a little history lesson on the two, and discuss their similarities and differences.


What is a Bong?



Bongs need no introduction; they’re the most identifiable piece of weed paraphernalia there is, and easily one of the most popular. Bongs are pretty simple in their design and function: ground cannabis flower goes into a bowl piece, which is attached to a downstem. Smoke travels through the downstem into a large receptacle containing water, which is used to filter the smoke.


So where did they come from? Some theorize that the first bongs came from China, as Chinese aristocrats were known to use decorated silver pipes to smoke cannabis, resin, tobacco, and opium. Pipes made of bamboo and other metals were used by commoners.


But this is only one theory. Another links bongs to Russia approximately 2400 years ago, during the rule of the Scythian Empire. The Scythians believed that cannabis had magical powers, and used hemp seeds to ward off evil spirits. Bongs may also date back to 1100-1400 AD in Africa, as spherical ceramic pipes containing trace amount of cannabis were discovered in countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya.


While the exact origins of bongs are still disputed, bongs were popularized by Bob Snodgrass, a glassworker who followed the Grateful Dead while they toured in the 1980s. At these shows, he would mingle with the other concert-goers and teach them the art of glassblowing. These shows would also see the first incarnations of the modern bong, which slowly grew to resemble the ones you’re familiar with today.


What is a Bubbler?



Like bongs, bubblers don’t have an exact origin point. As bongs and other waterpipes grew in popularity over the years, bubblers arose as an alternative to the more common designs. 


There are a number of common bubblers types, such as the Sherlock with its trademark “S” shape and the Hammer with its stable design. One interesting model is the double bubbler, which features two water chambers to better filter the smoke. And similarly to bongs, some bubblers are made exclusively for hitting concentrates. These contraptions are remarkably similar to dab rigs, but are smaller in size.


How Are They Different?



Before discussing how these two tools are different, let’s first start with their similarities. Technically speaking, both bongs and bubblers are a type of water pipe. There are other varieties of water pipes out there, but bongs and bubblers are the two you’ll most commonly see.


But what makes them different? For starters, they differ drastically in size. Bongs come in a wide variety of sizes, with some being around a foot tall with others surpassing 3 feet in height. The largest bong in the world, “Godzilla,” is currently located in Las Vegas and stands at a whopping 24 feet tall.


Bubblers, on the other hand, are much smaller, with some of them being able to fit right in your pocket. Naturally, those who use bubblers mainly choose them for their portability. Bubblers are also known for not getting their users too high due to their small bowl size, making them a great investment for new users or just for solo sessions. Their smaller size and use of a water chamber also allow for better filtration and smoother hits, increasing their viability for casual users.


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Also, if you’re looking for more reads, we’ve done you a favour and ranked our Top 10 methods for getting high! Check it out here!

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