Everyone’s heard of League of Legends. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like to get high with one of the champions?


There are, at this point, 163 different playable champions in League of Legends, with more likely on the way. As you might expect, these characters are all unique in their designs and personalities. It can be fun to think about which of these characters would be the most fun to hang out with. And even more fun to think about which ones would smoke weed.


Once again, through the power of science, Chronic Haze has determined which of these fictional characters would be the best to smoke weed with. If you’ve been dying to know which champ would bring the best kush to the Rift, read on!





What, all those brains and you think this guy hasn’t tried weed? Heimerdinger is clearly one of those guys that get high for the inspiration factor. Dude is likely hitting a sativa like Turbo Lemon Cake, giving him the creative boost he needs to keep inventing. Heimerdinger would probably be that guy who talks a little too much when he’s high, trying to understand the mysteries of the universe.





This one is a no-brainer, the guy is literally made of plants. Ivern is a kind soul who’d probably bring a woke vibe to the sesh. He’s also known to enrich the forests of the lands he passes through, so he’d be excellent at growing his own bud. This denizen of the forest would definitely be smoking something like Wedding Cake by Green Giant’s Garden.





As a student of Wuju, Wukong is clearly on a path toward enlightenment. And that must mean he gets high. He’d probably be the loudest one at the sesh, and would definitely be the first to play pranks on first-timers. Wukong likely gets his stuff from Master Yi, and it’s probably the dankest bud in existence. It’d likely be a hybrid, like Pheno 51, allowing him to reap the physical and mental benefits in his training.





Sona is your resident creative stoner. This is the one with the musical project, recording tracks in her bedroom. She’d definitely have the best playlist for the sesh. She’d also probably be kinda weird though, in her own world all the time. She’d be likely to smoke a sativa-leaning strain, like Black Cherry Soda, to stay creative when composing music.





Yep, that’s right. This little squirt would definitely have the best weed. All that time in the woods would not go to waste, as Teemo would likely be a master botanist. Truth be told, he’d be even likelier to know where to get good shrooms. Teemo is definitely the psychonaut of the group, and despite his size, he probably has the highest tolerance out of everyone here.


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Also, since we’re asking such important questions here, here’s another: ever wondered which Pokemon would be fun to smoke weed with? As luck would have it, we’ve got a blog post on that! Check it out here!

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