Looking for something new to satisfy your hunger? Today, Chronic Haze is bringing you 5 places to get munchies in Toronto!


One of the best things about Toronto is its restaurant scene. There’s always somewhere new and interesting popping up to fill your belly. And in a city where cannabis is legal, this is all the better. Sometimes you don’t just want fast food, you want something a little more inspired.


Fortunately for you, we’re bringing you five places you need to hit up for some munchies. These places are sure to get your stomach rumbling!


King Slice



We’ve talked about this place before, but honestly, I can’t even begin to explain my love for King Slice. If you’re looking for a great New York-style slice late at night, this place should definitely be on your list. These big greasy pizza slices come in a small but reliable selection that is sure to have you satisfied after a sesh. Looking for a strain to try before going? Try Pink Poison! Its heavily relaxing effects will have you ready to eat an entire pizza yourself.


Gus Tacos



No, these aren’t like the hard-shelled Old El Paso variety. There’s really nothing like authentic soft tortilla Mexican Tacos. And it’s even better when the tortillas are homemade! Right in the heart of Kensington Market, Gus Tacos is a great place to hit up for some munchies with plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for something with a little more flavour than your average munchies, this is definitely the spot for you. These tacos are also well-complemented by our new Happy Hour strain, a balanced hybrid that’s perfect for social activities.


Extra Burger



Let’s get one thing straight: smash burgers beat thick burgers any day of the week. Those thin, perfectly-crusted patties just go better with a bun and toppings than overly-thick burger patties do. There are a few places you can hit up in Toronto, but Extra Burger is definitely a standout option. With great burgers and Trinity-Bellwoods Park nearby, you can grab your food and have a picnic as you smoke up. And they’re open until 1:00 am, so you can count on this place as a late-night option. And smoke some Pheno 51 before, as its known to increase the feelings of the munchies in users more than other strains.


Fancy Franks



Before I go any further, it must be said that street meat stands provide some of the best hot dogs in the city. That said, some places go a step further and turn your hot dog into something spectacular. Fancy Franks is one of those places. With a beautiful selection of hot dogs, burgers, and desserts that are definitely Instagram pic-worthy. And one of their locations is right outside El Mocambo, so you can grab your food right after a show. And if you need a strain recommendation, try Turbo Lemon Cake. Its cerebral effects will be great if you do hit up a show before.


Ramen Isshin



If you’re a ramen lover, you definitely need to hit up this place for some authentic Japanese ramen. Founded by three friends who wanted to bring the taste of authentic ramen to Toronto, Ramen Isshin is a must-try. They’ve got a few spots spread throughout the city, and they each get pretty busy, so be sure to go when you get a chance. And try our Fruit Salad strain before, as its known to increase relaxation and sociability without sedating users too heavily.


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Also, if you’ve got your mind set on pizza as your munchies, check out this blog post for our Top 5 pizza places in Toronto!

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