Planning a shrooms trip anytime soon? Curious about what happens when mixing cannabis and mushrooms?


Psychedelics, such as psilocybin mushrooms, can be an incredibly fulfilling experience for those that do them, and have even been linked to therapeutic benefits for one’s mental health. Given the these effects, it’s no surprise that many psilocybin users also use cannabis. These individuals are very likely to consider using cannabis while under the influence of psilocybin.


But is this safe? What happens when mixing cannabis and mushrooms? Today, Chronic Haze answers those questions. If you’re a cannabis user that’s planning a mushrooms trip sometime soon, read on!


What Happens?



Unfortunately, experts still don’t fully understand the interaction between cannabis and psilocybin, due to limited research having been conducted in this area. However, anecdotal information suggests that their combined use does not pose any serious risks.


When it comes to most users’ experience with combining the two, a wide range of effects can be felt. Sensory enhancement is a common occurrence, with users seeing more vivid colours and vibrant imagery. Many of the effects are simply enhancements of the feelings you would normally experience on a trip. Cannabis and psilocybin go rather well together, and don’t produce any unexpected effects when combining them.


However, from a mental perspective, cannabis can greatly intensify the feeling of a psilocybin trip. If you’re having a good experience, this can serve to enhance those feelings. Likewise, if you’re having a bad trip, cannabis can add to feelings of fear and insanity. That said, some users say that using cannabis helps clear their head while tripping, making them more introspective and helping to contextualize the experience as a whole.


It’s worth noting that the effects tend to be dose-dependent, and can also vary depending on when you consume the cannabis. Low doses tend to be more likely to relieve anxiety, with higher doses more likely to cause it. Using cannabis before a trip starts also tends to reduce anxiety going into the experience, while using it during will make the trip more intense.


What Should I Watch Out For?



If you’re new to either of these substances, it might not be a great idea to use both of them right off the bat. While not physically dangerous, the experience might be overwhelming, and deter you from using them even in a safe manner.


If you’re experienced with cannabis and new to psilocybin, using cannabis prior to tripping while help you get into a good mindset from the get-go. Now, if you’re experienced with psilocybin but new to cannabis, you’ll probably want to dose sparingly with the cannabis. Use small amounts as you go, as this will allow you to enjoy the effects without getting too overwhelmed.


Above all, remember the basics for trip-planning! Have plenty of water on hand, surround yourself with good people, and do your best to get your “set” and “setting” right. Using cannabis and psilocybin can be a rewarding experience, as long as you make sure you do it in a safe and healthy manner.


Wanna Learn More?


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Also, if you’re looking to get further acquainted with the world of psilocybin, check out this blog post on five strains of Psilocybe cubensis you need to try!

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