Ever wondered which Street Fighter characters would smoke weed?


Street Fighter 6 has been out for almost two weeks now, and the game is better than ever. If you’ve been looking for something to get high and play with your friends, then look no further. While more technical than your average co-op game, it offers a rewarding experience for those looking for a challenging competitive outlet.


But we’re not here to talk about the game today. Instead, we’ve got a more poignant reflection: which of the characters would be the most fun to get high with? To answer this question, we’ve scoured each entry in the series and assembled the Top 5 Street Stoners for your reading pleasure.





A clear contender for this list, Dhalsim is a longstanding character in the Street Fighter series, having first appeared in Street Fighter II. As a master of yoga, Dhalsim is one of the likeliest characters in the series to smoke weed. It’s no secret that cannabis is inextricably linked to yoga and meditation, and as someone heavily involved in these practices, Dhalsim would be able to experience many of the benefits of cannabis. He can even create fire at will, so he’d be able to light his joints without a lighter. This is definitely someone you’d want at the sesh.





A lesser-known character from the series, Birdie first appeared as an opponent in the original Street Fighter before becoming playable in Street Fighter Alpha. While his morality has shifted from game to game, Birdie is a punk rocker so he’d be likely to fight for certain causes, especially if it were cannabis legalization. He’s also been involved in a life of crime, having been a drug dealer in the past. Despite this, he’s been seen to have a positive relationship with main character Ryu. I wonder if that’s where Ryu gets his stuff?





While it might seem less obvious than with other characters, Blanka is pretty likely to be a cannabis user in some form. First appearing in Street Fighter II, it’s said that this feral man’s skin turned green due to his heavy consumption of plants in the jungle. It’s hard to say what kind of plants these were, but given his carefree attitude, it’s entirely possible there was some cannabis in the mix. And that wildman demeanor definitely implies something more than weed, like mushrooms or something.


Yun & Yang



These twin brothers first appeared in Street Fighter III: New Generation, and have appeared in a number of entries since. Being a skateboarder and rollerskater respectively, it’s incredibly likely that these two are smoking joints together at a skatepark or something. On top of that, they’re known to be film buffs, making it even likelier that they smoke joints before watching weird or thought-provoking movies together. 





You didn’t think we’d forget about this guy, did you? Of course Ryu would smoke weed; he’s a solitary fighter on a path of enlightenment who has spent his life training his body and mind. Ryu is someone who would take full advantage of both the physical and mental benefits of cannabis, as they play well into the spiritual aspects of the Kyoi no Hado, or “Power of Nothingness.” Plus, have you seen that beard he’s been rocking in the later games? Despite his rough demeanor, Ryu is pretty close to a hippie in a lot of ways. Woke stoner confirmed.


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By the way, ever wondered which of the League of Legends champions would smoke weed? Well, aren’t you fortunate…we’ve got a blog post on it! Check it out here!

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