Did you know cannabis can help you tap into the flow state?


But what is the flow state, you might ask?


The “flow state” is a term coined by positive psychologists referring to a trance-like state, described by those that experience it as “being in the zone.” Described by religions such as Buddhism as “single-minded focus,” the flow state is characterized by increased focus, optimal performance, and total serenity. It is experienced by professional athletes, musicians, chess players, dancers, martial artists, Formula One drivers…you name it.


Flow is inherent to the human experience. It’s something we can all tap into. And surprisingly, weed is pretty good at easing you into it. Today we’ll discuss the relationship between cannabis and the flow state. We’ll go over the science behind the relationship, and how you can best use cannabis to tap into the flow state.


What Exactly is Flow, Anyway?



In order to better understand this phenomenon, it would be best to understand just how the flow state works. While neuroscientists are still trying to adequately define what flow is, we already know some of the neurological processes that take place, and how cannabis interplays with them.


When in a flow state, there is decreased activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is involved in planning, decision-making, expression, and social behaviour. This change shuts off intrusive thoughts and allocates energy to one’s focus.


Next, dopamine and anandamide are released, partially as a result of task execution. This helps connect ideas, adds a sense of novelty to the activity, and keeps the experiencer immersed in what they’re doing.


Third, those who experience flow shift from the brain’s high-energy, waking consciousness beta waves to the slower, quieter alpha and theta waves, keeping said person in the flow state. The striatum also becomes more active, which is involved in motivation and voluntary movement.


Working in conjunction with one another, these changes allow a person to get their head completely in the zone, tuning out all distractions and focusing on the task at hand.


But what does this have to do with cannabis?


All of these events take place after using cannabis as well! Yes, literally all of them. Again, we still don’t know exactly why cannabis and the flow state are so interconnected, but countless users attest to the fact that cannabis allows them to get into the flow state for their activity of choice.


So How Can Cannabis Help With Flow?



First, it should be noted that just getting high won’t get you into a flow state. Flow is triggered by three components: intense focus, a clear goal, and the right balance between challenge and skill level. As such, cannabis is most helpful when you’ve got something specific to do.


Cannabis can help you get into a flow with creative endeavours in particular (we’ve got a blog post on that). The dopamine released during the flow state creates the feeling of novelty, and the anandamide makes a person more open to experience. As such, using cannabis before creative tasks can help one to connect new ideas.


Part of this is due to how cannabis promotes neuroplasticity. By thinking of things in new ways, everything around you becomes a learning opportunity. Cannabis helps tune out the “logical thinker” part of our brains that can get in the way of our focus and desire for new experiences.


Also, some cannabis users claim to achieve the flow state through a combination of coffee, exercise, and cannabis. It’s stated that the best terpenes to utilize here are limonene, pinene, and terpinolene (we’ve got more information on terpenes in this blog).


By the way, if you’re looking for specific strains to help you get into a flow, sativa strains are said to work best here. Our 100% sativa Durban Poison is an ideal choice for this matter; it gives users a burst of creativity and energy, and is great for daytime use.


Wanna Learn More?


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By the way, did you know that cannabis use is correlated with creativity? Check out this blog post to learn more!





Flow State and Cannabis




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