Smoking vs. dabbing  – which one do you prefer?


When it comes to cannabis, there are tons of ways to get your fix. Everyone’s got their favourite method, and there are some that people like better than others. One of the more common things you’ll hear is that dabs are for experienced users, and flower is for casual users.


But is this really true?


There are actually quite a few experienced cannabis users who prefer flower! And even still, there are some who prefer dabs. So what’s going on here? Which is better?


Today, we’ll give you a comparison of two of the most popular methods for using cannabis: smoking flower, and hitting dabs. We’ll go through some of their more notable traits and determine which one is right for you.


Ready? Let’s get started.


Why Do Some People Prefer Dabs?



Dabs, as you might already know, are a form of concentrates. These include a wide range of products, including cartridges which contain concentrate.


The appeal with dabs and other concentrates is pretty simple: they get you high. Real quick. Concentrates are incredibly potent, meaning you don’t have to use very much to get high from them. The average dab user will typically just use as much as they need to get them to an optimal level of high-ness.


So while dabs are really potent, it’s not that they get you higher than other methods. It’s that you don’t have to use as much of it as other methods to get to your desired high.


Why Do Some People Prefer Flower?



Dried cannabis flower is the most common method for using cannabis, and it’s probably the one you tried first. This procedure for this classic method is simple: grind it, roll it, and smoke it (unless you’re using pre-rolls).


Flower has less THC than concentrates. This means you won’t get nearly as much of that buzz concentrates are associated with. Flower makes up for this with a broader profile of cannabinoids. There’s still mostly THC, but there’s also CBD, CBG, and a wide range of terpenes.


So what’s the appeal with flower? It’s all those cannabinoids we just mentioned! These drastically change how your high feels and ultimately add to the experience. So while using a small amount of flower won’t get you as high as a small amount of concentrates, the high you get from flower is a lot more layered. While it might take more flower to equate to a dab high, you’ll find that the experience can be much more complex.


So Which One is Right for Me?


If you’re a new cannabis user, it might not be best to hit a dab. A hit or two from a cartridge might be okay, but your THC tolerance is too low at this point. It’s near impossible to know exactly how much concentrate is right for you. At this stage, it’s better to smoke flower. It’s easier to predict the effects, and you get to experience the full spectrum of cannabinoids. This will allow you to determine whether or not cannabis is right for you.


If you’re not a new user, and you feel like it’s taking a lot of flower to get you high? Well, then it might be time to switch over to concentrates. With them, you won’t have to spend 15 minutes smoking a joint (unless you want to). You’ll get the intense high you’re looking for, and you’ll save a lot of time and money in the process.


And if you’ve been using concentrates for a minute, but starting to feel like they’re not hitting the same? In that case, it might be time to switch back to flower. After a while of using concentrates, you might find that the cannabinoid profile is looking a little bare. Of course, concentrates still have their place, but you might get a little more fulfillment out of some strains with more noteworthy cannabinoid profiles. If you’re in that camp, consider trying our new Dank Schrader.


Wanna Learn More?


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Also, speaking of concentrates, did you know it’s not a good idea to hit blinkers on your cartridge? Read this blog post to find out more!

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