Today we’re gonna show you how to make a gravity bong!


If you’ve never hit a gravity bong, prepare to be frazzled. These crazy contraptions have the ability to knock you off your feet completely. It’s basically a bong that shoots the smoke into your lungs.


The best part about gravity bongs is that they’re easily constructed. With just a few household items, you too can be smoked into oblivion by a gravity bong. It’s easy! And today we’ll show you how it’s done.


Making the Gravity Bong



First, you’re gonna need the materials:


  • A plastic 2-liter bottle (or a smaller one, if you’re smoking by yourself)
  • A container, slightly larger than the bottle (a 2L bottle works here if your first bottle is a smaller one)
  • Tin foil
  • A toothpick, or some other sharp object
  • A knife or boxcutter
  • Scissors
  • Weed, of course (try our new AAAA strain Tom Ford Pink)


Once you’ve got all the materials, just follow these simple steps and you’ll have your gravity bong ready in no time.


Step 1: Cut the Smaller Bottle


Using the blade, cut the bottom end off of the bottle and recycle it. You won’t be needing it. As for how much of it to cut off, that depends on how big of a hit you’re looking for. This bottle is basically the airway; the more of the bottle you use, the bigger the hit. Keep that in mind as you construct.


Step 2: Assemble the Water Container


Here’s where you use the container, or the 2L bottle if your first one is smaller. If it’s the latter, then this time you’re gonna remove and discard the upper part. Following this, fill either type of container with water. Leave a couple inches of room.


Step 3: Make the Bowl


Next thing you’re gonna do is make the bowl out of the tin foil. As for how to do this, you’ve got a few options here. The most practical thing to do is cut a hole in the smaller bottle’s cap, and shape the tin foil around it. Alternatively, you can eschew the cap entirely, and just create a tin foil surface over the bottle’s mouthpiece. Or, if you’re really feeling crafty, you can install a bowl piece from a pipe or bong onto a hole in the bottle’s lid! We’ll let you decide on this one for yourselves.


If you’ve gone the route of the tin foil, use the toothpick to poke some holes in the surface of the foil. Don’t poke too many, or you’ll compromise the strength of the foil. Just a few are necessary for proper airflow.


Step 4: Put the Pieces Together


Now we’re gonna take the smaller bottle with the bowl installed, and place it into the larger bottle or container full of water. If you’ve done it correctly, the neck and mouthpiece of the smaller bottle should be high above the water with a few inches of air.


And that’s basically how you construct a gravity bong! But how do you use it, you ask? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.


Using the Gravity Bong



Before you take that hit, be warned! Gravity bongs have a reputation for putting even the most seasoned stoners into coughing fits. You’re about to get baked from this one, so brace yourself.


Step 1: Prepare the Weed


Just like you would with a regular bong, take some ground flower or kief and place it on or in the bowl (the tin foil you poked holes in). Make sure the bottle is at least mostly submerged in the water. Once your lungs are ready, go ahead and light that bad boy up.


Step 2: Pull the Bottle


Slowly and steadily, start pulling that smaller bottle out of the container. You’ll notice the weed is burning and the bottle is filling up with smoke; as water exits the bottle, air comes in from the top and pulls weed smoke with it.


Remember not to pull the bottle out completely! Your smoke will escape if you do. But as long as your bowl is airtight and you hold the bottle steady, you shouldn’t have any smoke leaks anywhere.


Step 3: Take the Hit


It’s finally time. Unscrew or remove the bowl piece, holding the bottle steady. Once that’s done, place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Now, you’re gonna slowly push the bottle back into the water.


What should follow is the smoke being shot into your lungs, at whatever velocity you’re handling the bottle. If you need to exhale, simply hold the bottle steady so the smoke isn’t being shot out. When you’re ready to resume your hit, continue lowering the bottle and toking until the bottle is fully submerged.


And You’re Done!


And that’s how you make and use a gravity bong! If you need another hit, simply remove the ash and ready up another bowl. But given the strength of a gravity bong, you’re probably gonna wanna sit for a minute.


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