Today, Chronic Haze brings you 5 more anime to watch while high!


Anime has a certain appeal that other media just doesn’t have. Whether it’s the art direction, the fight scenes, or the wackier elements, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And it’s definitely easier to enjoy when you’re high.


In our last installation, we brought you five anime that get even better when you smoke weed. We’re bringing you five more today, so sit back, light one up, and make a mental note of these ones.





A classic stoner anime. Gintama takes everything you’d like about a shonen and turns it into a meta, fourth-wall-breaking comedy escapade. It’s mostly non-serious, good fun. It’s the perfect anime to just sit back and chill with after a long day.


The anime follows protagonist Gintoki Sakata, a freelancing samurai struggling to pay his rent in a version of the Edo period in which aliens have taken over. The concept’s a little out there, but you’ll get used to the pacing quickly. We suggest some Death Star to slow things down a bit.





If you’re looking for something a little more mind-boggling, check out Mononoke. No, not Princess Mononoke, but that’s a good movie too. This psychological-horror-mystery follows a travelling medicine salesman as he encounters people suffering from demons known as “mononoke” and exorcises them.


This anime is notably beautiful, being able to mix its striking art style with serious themes, while still hitting an emotional chord by the end of each episode. This one’s for those who really want to feel something. Smoke some Ghost Pink before to really make the show hit!


Golden Boy



Going back to the lighthearted stuff, Golden Boy is a must-watch. This comedy series is only six episodes long, so it’s an easy binge watch. It might seem random, but be assured: you’ll be laughing out loud before you’re finished the first episode.


The show follows lead character Kintaro Oe, a travelling law school dropout who only has one thing on his mind: attractive women. Despite his screw-ups, his well-meaning attitude always wins someone over by the end of each episode. This one calls for some Blueberry Pancakes.


Chainsaw Man



This recent manga adaptation has been all the rage these days, and for good reason. With amazing visuals, deep characters, and stellar writing, there really isn’t an anime like Chainsaw Man out there. It really will blow your mind.


For the uninitiated, the show follows protagonist Denji in a world where devils have the run of things. After gaining the power to sprout chainsaws from his body, he’s picked up by Public Service to fight the devils. What follows is gory action and cleverly written dialogue that’ll keep you hooked. Watch after smoking some Angel Fire to really get into the groove.


Hunter x Hunter



Another Shonen Jump entry, but this one stands out from the crowd. I’d honestly go as far as to say this is the best thing to come out of their catalog. And seeing as it’s competing with mainstays like Naruto, One Piece, and Dragonball Z, that’s really saying something.


Hunter x Hunter is an anime that manages to be something special. At its core, it’s basically another shonen. Look a little deeper, and you’ll see it for the well-thought-out, meticulously-crafted masterpiece that it is. The characters are deep and fleshed out, the power scaling is tastefully done, and every little moment is full of detail. Definitely watch this after smoking some Wedding Cake.


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Also, if you’re looking for something other than anime to watch, check out this blog post on five TV shows to watch when you’re high!

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