So you’re finally taking the plunge: you’re getting high for the first time! It’s always great to try new things and broaden your horizons.


But a lot can go wrong if you don’t plan ahead. Many people go in without the proper advice, making for an unpleasant scenario that scares them off of cannabis for good. It’s a shame, really, as being high is supposed to be an enjoyable experience with potential benefits.


That’s why Chronic Haze is here with some incredibly valuable advice for newcomers. If you’re getting high for the first time, just follow these tips and you should have a great time.


Find a Trusted Product



First and foremost, you should pick up your product from a trusted source. Fortunately, in the age of legalization, you’re no longer limited to grabbing shady bud that you know nothing about. Your local budtender should be able to answer any questions you have, and most dispensary websites (such as our own) offer detailed descriptions about what to expect from your product of choice.


You should also decide what type of product you’re going to use. At Chronic Haze, we carry a wide range of cannabis flower, edibles, and concentrates for you to choose from. Any of them would make a fine way of starting your cannabis journey. However, if it’s your first time, it might be best to dodge the edibles. Their potency and long duration make them unpredictable for first-timers (we’ve discussed this in a recent blog post).


You probably shouldn’t hit a dab either, lest you want to get blown into oblivion. Our suggestion is good ol’ flower; it’s got a quick onset without lasting too long, the effects are predictable and manageable, and the terpenes of the flower make for a more fulfilling experience. Cartridges are also pretty good for these reasons, but smoking and vaping flower gets our seal of approval.


Bring People With You



Unless you just happen to have a lot of knowledge on cannabis, getting high for the first time by yourself might be a little impractical. Whether it’s a sober trip-sitter or some experienced cannabis users on the sesh, it definitely helps to have supportive people around.


If your friends are experienced users, they might be able to offer you advice on what to do with this new state of mind. If you’re feeling anxious, they might be able to calm you down. And in the event that you start to feel unwell, you have people there to make sure nothing bad happens to you.


These are all pretty unlikely scenarios, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. You can use the experience to gauge how you’ll react to cannabis the next time you use it.


Stay Nourished



Yeah, I know. You’re probably gonna get the munchies after you get high. But that doesn’t mean you should show up on an empty stomach. And water is a stoner’s best friend.


Hunger, dehydration, and low energy are all contributing factors to adverse reactions from cannabis. Make sure to adequately nourish yourself before your first sesh. I’m not saying to stuff your gut before showing up; you’ll likely feel incredibly sluggish. Just eat a healthy amount of food, and keep some water on hand as you sesh.


And make sure to get enough sleep the night before! Getting high can feel like sensory overload to a new user, so it’d be best to show up with as much energy as possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Relax Your Mind



This next part is vital. Clear your mind of worries and fear.


Remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun. Remember, it’s just weed. No one ever died from getting too high. It’s understandable to feel a little anxious; cannabis has a reputation for making people paranoid, and as a new user you don’t know what to expect. But I promise, the best thing you can do for yourself is to go in optimistically. Relax yourself and set a good foundation for your high.


Of course, nobody’s perfect. It’s not as if every stoner somehow achieves nirvana before every sesh. And it’s not unreasonable to show up to any activity upset about something that happened earlier. Many people even smoke because cannabis helps with these types of feelings. But since you’re not one of those people yet, try to let go of those negative emotions. It’s for your own good.


“Start Low – Go Slow”



By far, the most important bit of advice for new users. Don’t be a big shot and try to smoke the whole eighth by yourself. This isn’t a pissing contest.


Your CB1 receptors aren’t yet used to cannabinoids like THC. As the experts say, your best advice here is to “start low” and “go slow”. Start with a couple of puffs. If you don’t feel the effects to your satisfaction, go ahead and take some more. And if it still isn’t working (this happened during my first time), then feel free to roll another.


Just start with a lower amount than you would’ve initially done, and incrementally work your way up. This way you dodge a potential disaster.


Wanna Learn More?


Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time getting high, we hope you prepare for the occasion by visiting Chronic Haze! We carry only the best in cannabis and related goods, with same-day delivery and curbside pickup to get your product in your hands as soon as possible.


If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, check out our selection, make a free loyalty account with us, and start collecting points today!


By the way, ever wondered how to use cannabis to deal with awkward social situations? Fortunately for you, we’ve got a blog post on it! Check it out here!



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