Summer’s finally in full swing. To help you cope with the heat, Chronic Haze is here with 3 ideas for pairing drinks with cannabis!


There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a hot summer day with a cold drink and a joint in hand. And as you know, Chronic Haze is all about the culture. We pride ourselves not only on having the best cannabis, but knowing the best ways to enjoy it too.


That’s why we’re bringing you three (non-alcoholic) cold drink ideas to pair with your cannabis. These ideas will enhance your sesh with their flavours, or synergize with your product and add to the overall experience.


Iced Green or Herbal Tea



This one was kind of a no-brainer, right? We’ve said it before, tea and cannabis pair perfectly together. The relaxation you experience from drinking tea is supplemented by the effects of the cannabis, bringing you to a state of total bliss. Tea does have some caffeine, but this is negligible for most people. Tea really is the perfect drink accompaniment to your sesh, and having it on ice is a great way to beat the summer heat.


Not sure what to try? We suggest green tea for its many health benefits and low caffeine, or an herbal tea like peppermint. Pour your tea over ice, add some simple syrup and tincture, and voilà! You’ve got a refreshing drink that perfectly complements your smoke.


Iced Coffee With Edibles



This one’s for the wake and bakers. It’s no secret that cannabis and coffee can work in tandem to boost your productivity, with some individuals claiming it can help you get into the flow state. This makes the combination of cannabis and coffee a good way to get a head start on your day, if used correctly. And don’t think that precludes iced coffee, as well!


To start, try letting some infused chocolate melt into your hot coffee, which should taste amazing. Pour some ice over it, and you’ve now got a sweet and effective makeshift edible to give you a boost of energy in the morning!


Terpene-Rich Smoothie



Another piece of advice we often tout around here: remember your terpenes! Terpenes are an invaluable part of your cannabis experience and can drastically influence your high. Too many users only focus on the THC or CBD content of their product. The mark of a true cannabis enthusiast is their knowledge of terpenes. And as you might already know, terpenes are in fruits as well!


So what fruit should you use? Mangoes are a must, they contain the terpene myrcene which prompts feelings of relaxation and sedation. They’ve also been shown to carry cannabinoids through the blood-brain barrier, effectively getting you higher. Combine that with some blueberries, bananas, strawberries, milk or milk substitute, honey, and ice. You’ve now got a healthy, refreshing, and energizing drink that’ll make your high last longer. Speaking of which, try this alongside a citrusy sativa like Amnesia Haze or a myrcene-rich strain like SFV OG. Either one should go well with your smoothie.


Wanna Learn More?


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Not within our main delivery zones? Not to worry! We do nationwide delivery all across Canada! If you’re looking to buy cannabis online, make an account with us and check out our selection today! Don’t forget to leave a product review to score some extra points!


Also, check out this blog post for some ideas about pairing cannabis with foods!

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